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  • We first create a buzz about your business by producing a video review, showing a child’s perspective of your company.
  • Next, we motivate consumer interaction by rewarding the family target market for providing feedback, share product information, and purchasing your products or services.
  • Finally, we provide a platform for you to respond to the feedback given so you can create a visual track record of the value you place in quality customer relationships…for the entire world to see! Click here to learn more!




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05 Jun 17

5 Things Parents Are Saying About Blake Shelton

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05 Jun 17

Appearance On Studio 5 with Brooke Walker

See our featured appearance with Brooke Walker on Studio 5


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05 Jun 17

Logan Mize Interview With Critique By Kids

Country artist, Logan Mize answers questions about things many teens deal with today. Watch this candid interview and see what this Kid Critic does to catch Logan completely off guard!

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05 Jun 17

6 Things You Should Teach Your Kids Before They Move Out

You only have 18 years to teach and prepare your children for the real world. But time goes by so quickly and there’s so many things that need to be learned, from cooking to social skills to fire safety etc. some things we don’t even think about teaching our kids... ... (read more)