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NEWS ALERT - Critique By Kids Gives... Hurricane Kits Event!

Benefit concert featuring Rian Kukla in Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot

Click here to pop over to Critique By Kids Gives for more information.

Featured Critiques

Critique by Kids for Business

A Kid Critic family creates a video review of your service.

Business Benefits

  • 90% of your advertising fee goes back to fundraising and your consumers
  • Full video review shared with nation-wide membership
  • Second video used for social media promotion and given to you for your own use
  • Contribute to community growth by participating in local fundraisers
  • Help feed hungry kids in your local area
  • Positive attention & loyal relationships with fundraising families
  • Unique & inexpensive form of high impact advertising

Critique by Kids for Members

Remain a member to simply view business video reviews or certify as a Kid Critic Family to get paid up to $75 to create video reviews

Member Benefits

  • Reduces the stress of participating in fundraisers by getting paid to participate while doing something your whole family enjoys
  • No additional cost to certify as a Kid Critic Family
  • Kid Critic Families enjoy free access to services they review
  • Gain experience in public speaking, videography, and social interation with business professionals
  • Discounts on hotels, restaurants, activities and more

Critique by Kids for Fundraising

Experience increased participation when fundraising participants AND your organization get paid

Fundraising Benefits

  • Increased participation
  • Decreased participation time for both fundraising coordinators and participants
  • Partnering with businesses to increase fundraising income
  • Year long participation
  • Safe for children and families, no door-to-door sales
  • Easy and seamless process from start to finish